Vision & Goals


Waynesboro Public Schools and the City of Waynesboro seek to improve the health of children and youth in our community by encouraging active lifestyles.

Goals for Waynesboro’s Safe Routes to School Program

To achieve the Vision Statement the following goals have been created:

  1. Encourage healthy and active lifestyles for children and youth by creating a community structure that provides safe, convenient, and easily accessible opportunities for active travel to school.
  2. Increase the number of students who are knowledgeable of pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  3. Increase the number of students who walk or bicycle to school.
  4. Decrease traffic congestion by reducing the number of parents who drop-off and pick-up their children at school.
  5. Unite the School District, City of Waynesboro, Augusta Health, youth serving organizations, and other stakeholders to work together to toward improving the health of children and youth in our community.

The goals will be accomplished by educating children and parents on the importance of an active lifestyle, providing safe and walkable neighborhoods, educating children on bicycle and pedestrian safety, and working to overcome parental perception that it is unsafe for children to walk or bicycle to school.

Waynesboro Public Schools does will not require that students walk or bicycle to school, but rather seeks to increase the desirability of choosing walking and bicycling.

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